On-site Critiques

Noon-3:30 p.m. Friday and 9-11 a.m. Saturday. $30 fee.
Preregistration required.

Beginning and experienced staffs will benefit from an on-site critique. Staff members and advisers will sit down with an experienced adviser or media professional. This one-on-one opportunity allows staffs to ask questions and get feedback on their work. Each session lasts 30 minutes.

Sign up for an on-site critique while registering for the convention. You will receive email confirmation of your assigned time. A reminder ticket will be placed in your registration packet. Please arrive on time for your appointment.

Sessions are available for the following staffs:

Bring your laptop with your programs on a thumb drive or YouTube or Vimeo links.

Bring up to three copies of your news publication.

Bring your most recent magazine and any designs/plans for the current edition for feedback.

Bring your laptop and the link to your site.

Staffs are encouraged to bring theme, design and coverage plans for the 2018 volume for real-time feedback.

For questions about on-site critiques, or to volunteer as a session leader, please email critiques@studentpress.org.